Which Friend Can You Cheer for Today?

As we’re all getting baby shower and wedding invitations in the mail this Spring, let’s also remember that there is SO much more to celebrate in the lives of our friends than those two huge milestones! Yes, those are the ones our culture puts a ton of emphasis on (of course, because we used to only be as valuable as wives and mothers!) but now there are hundreds of other decisions, moments, and achievements that I wish we’d shine the spotlight on and throw the proverbial confetti! This is true for all of us, and maybe even more-so for our friends who may not be choosing weddings and kids— they still deserve those moments where we cheer loudly and proudly for them!

Why Cheer More?

Positivity is one of the three requirements of all healthy friendships. And it’s the one that we can easily add into ANY friendship! Celebrating someone else always helps our friends feel seen, valued, and accepted. Healthy friendships are built on adding positivity to our lives so we are happier and healthier when we increase our laughter, gratitude, affirmation, and joy with others; and we enhance our bond with them as we each practice shining and sharing our successes.

What Should We Be Cheering?

·      Asking for a raise

·      Returning from the trip of a lifetime

·      Signing our first lease

·      Breaking up with that relationship

·      Saying yes even when scared

·      Pitching that new idea

·      Losing those 10 pounds

·      Adopting our first pet

·      Making that big purchase

·      Applying for our new business license

·      Signing up for our first marathon

·      Making that consequential decision

·      Getting the tattoo

·      Breaking the bad habit


Fun Ways to Cheer!

1.     Toast Every Time: Whenever you're with your girlfriends go around the table and invite each person to share one thing they’ve done recently that they are proud of—whether it was making a big decision, closing a deal at work, or finally having that tough conversation. Toast each person after their share!

2.    Invite an Impromptu Celebration: When something happens in your life that matters consider planning an impromptu party to share the joy with your friends! Text a quick invitation, “Oh my word! I did it!  My hands are still shaking but I just typed the last word on my new business proposal! And I want to celebrate reaching this milestone with the friends who encouraged me to take this step. Any of you up for Chinese Take-Out on me tonight?”

3.    Share Group Goals: Next time you’re out with your friends, encourage each one to share one thing they want to try in the next 90 days and then plan a date together to tell stories and celebrate!

4.   Plan for Big Moments: Gone are the days where we need someone else to host our parties—we can throw on our own! Do you have a big milestone approaching, whether it be a birthday or an accomplished goal? Rather than risk this special moment not being celebrated in style, send out the invitations now: “Well, I think all of you know that I’ve decided to run my first marathon this year, which is a big deal for a former couch potato like me! J So to give me something to look forward to, I’m planning a big pizza party the day after my marathon to celebrate the accomplishment of this goal (and to replace the calories I burned the day before! Ha!) and I’d love for you to be there as this may be the biggest thing I do this year so I may as well celebrate it with friends I love! The details are…”

Who is one friend who is doing something you want to make sure you cheer loudly for? What might you do to help her feel celebrated??