Top 10 Friendship Articles of 2012

For all of you who joined us half-way through the year, missed a post here-or-there, or just want to re-read some of the goodies to see if they speak to you where you are now,  here are the most read, popular blog posts from the last year: 1.   The Judgment of Weight

This post revealed the results from a Glamour Magazines poll about how we stereotype each other based on our weight. And it's not just one weight group judging another; it goes both ways, and we are even negatively judging others who share our same weight. Relationships cannot help but be impacted by this judgment.

2. Shaping Serendipity as Way to Make New Friends

This post about the three levels of pull was so popular that I expanded it into a portion of my new book "Friendships Don't Just Happen!" since the break-down of actually how we can go about strategically attracting more friendships into our lives is so helpful.

3.  Three Things I Wish I'd Said To Kathie Lee and Hoda on the TODAY Show

I barely made it to the TV station in time, but once I did those 5 minutes of airtime went all too fast!  There was so much more to say so here's what went through my head but didn't get said on national TV this time.

4.  Required Reading for Women Looking for New Friends

Rachel Bertsche wrote a bestseller last year called MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend and it was a witty, helpful, and honest memoir filled with social research that could assist anyone in their friend-making process.  My post about it gives a couple quotes from the book so you can get the feeling of just how good it is!

5.  Friendship Break-Ups 3: "Was She Really a Friend, Anyway?"

This post was triggered by a woman who claimed that since her fridnds hadn't stayed in touch with her through some big changes that they must not have really been friends.  I kindly disagree.

6.  Help! Should I Tell My Friend that her Husband is Cheating on her?

Quite possibly one of the toughest posts I've written, this one keeps getting so much traffic that I can only hope it's helpful in saving some friendships through this very difficult decision!  (And, re-reading it, I see that I promised a post about what to do when it's our friend who is cheating. Gulp! I will keep my word.)

7.  How to Find a Best Friend

Friendship has so long been this airy-fairy search where we are left feeling like it's up to fate to introduce us to our BFF's.  But that's simply untrue.  In this post I tell you exactly where you will find your future best friends.

8.  A Moment of Honesty About Forgiveness

I shouldn't have been surprised that confessing my failures to you would be popular!  LOL! I can teach forgiveness but that doesn't mean I'll do it well all the time!

9. What We Need Are More Women, Fewer Girls

My first post of last year hit a nerve when I basically invited us to "Grow Up!" It's a good read whenever you need a little motivating kick in your pants to pull your big girl panties up. I talk about how to show up as women when we feel the fears of judgment, of not being good enough, or of being rejected.

10.  Friendship Break-ups 1: A Drift or a Rift?

With women replacing half their friends every seven years, we have to become just as practiced at letting go of friendships as we do in making new ones.  This post helps walk you through the common experience of a friendship drifting apart.

* And a bonus one!  This one was my personal favorite: All Those "Unhealthy People" Drive Me Crazy since it reminds us how important it is to ask for what we need from each other!

A huge thanks to all my members and readers of my blog! I love it when you leave comments and feedback-- thank you!

May we continue in 2013 to honor all that is right with friendship, committing ourselves regularly to the practices of healthy personal development and relationship joy.


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