My Friendship Affirmations

May I continue to acknowledge what is true: that relationships are my way into health and happiness, even as I walk in a world that is no longer oriented to this knowing.  Money, productivity, and appearances often tempt me to think they point to my happiness, but I will remember that they are but empty promises-- ladders leaning against walls pretending to be paths. Instead of chasing other things with only hopes of someday using those things to feel loved, I choose to remember that I can simply go straight to the love I desire to create. I don't have to do more to impress, earn more to woo, or become more to be lovable. I am enough. May I be patient with myself and others as we continue to awaken to this truth.  We forgot. We fell asleep.  We got distracted. We lifted our gaze off our tribes, our communities, our families, and our friends-- we got caught up in the chase, the busy-ness, the pursuing, the grabbing, the climbing, and the achieving. May I be gentle with myself as I practice prioritizing people and may I be forgiving with others who don't yet remember.


May I stay open, trusting, and hopeful that my life can be filled with meaningful relationships.  This isn't some pipe dream. It's not about finding a needle in a haystack, winning a lottery, or getting lucky. I will nurture my faith that this is possible.  I will feed the part of me that believes relationships are my inheritance, my right, my medicine, my calling, and my purpose. For they are.

May I remember to have fun, to laugh, to feel like I have the right to an abundant life surrounded with smiles and hugs.  I will take photos. I will express my gratitude.  I will celebrate the small things. I will savor the moments and conversations as they happen. I will be quick to laugh, quick to say yes, and quick to be kind.

May I not take the choices of others personally. Oh how hard that can be sometimes, but I know--deeply know-- that the actions, or inactions, of others isn't about me. My work is to stay trusting, to keep inviting, to assume the best, and to remember that my worth and value isn't determined by the forgetfulness of others. I will remind myself that I am completely worthy of love. I am made for it.

May I receive all that is already here. So often I'm more afraid to "inconvenience" others or to have needs, that I risk saying no to the very thing I want. I am not meant to be a giver without also being meant to be a receiver. I will say yes, I will speak my needs, and I will remember that I am doing no one any favors by preventing them from engaging in my life. Showing my needs is part of the intimacy I ultimately want.

May I stay eager for what is to come, while also breathing in deeply for all that I have. For the people who are around me, for the people I am meeting, for the friends who have loved me. I whisper my gratitude for the love that I have experienced in my life, the love that I see surrounding me now, and the love that I am still developing.

I will not forget that I am wired to be in relationship. That this matters more than anything. More than what I eat, more than my weight, more than my bank balance, more than whether I have a ring on my finger, more than what I do for a living, more than what car I drive, more than my Facebook updates--I will remember today that my real joy will come from the intimacy and support that I create in my life. And I will practice aligning my calendar and budget to this truth.

May I remember who I am. What gift I have to offer. What love I have to give.

I am meant to give and receive more meaningful love than I currently have... and I will continue to remember that and to foster as much of it as I can hold.

It is so.