3 Requirements to Starting Friendships

Far too many of us cannot define friendship.  We mistakenly think it’s “someone we like,” or “someone who is always there for us,” or “someone whose shoulder I can cry on.”  Not only are those inaccurate, but they leave us feeling like a good friendship is a matter of finding this “right” person who either is, or isn’t, a good friend.  But  healthy friendship isn’t discovered; it is developed.  And this is the class to walk you through how to use the Three Requirements of Healthy Relationships in the early stages of a friendship.  In this 1-hour class, taught by Shasta Nelson, you will learn:

  • The definition of friendship
  • The Three Requirements of all healthy and meaningful relationships
  • Five different ways to increase the positivity in our new friendships
  • The two most important actions we can take to increase familiarity in new friendships
  • How vulnerability should be safely shared in the early stages of making friends