The 6 Steps to Fostering Empathy in our Relationships

For some of us, we may have hyper-empathy which leaves us taking on everyone’s feelings; whereas for others, we may need to make our empathy more accessible in our interactions. The invitation to all of us in this class is to identify how we can personally practice this skill more intentionally so that we can hopefully show up with others, and be able to feel with them, without taking it on ourselves. In this 1 hour interview, featuring Karla McLaren, you will learn:·      

  • What empathy is and what it isn’t.
  • The one place we struggle the most in showing empathy in our lives.
  • The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy
  • Two practices for improving our ability to accurately identify the right feelings
  • How to regulate your ability to hold the emotions of others
  • The solution to emotional burn out