membership benefits is the virtual community to inspire and teach you how to develop and deepen the friendships in your life. 

As part of your monthly membership you will: 

Be Inspired with a new Friendship Focus every month designed to develop your friendship muscles

Learn from the monthly 1-hour class taught by an expert in our Friendship Focus (or listen to the recording at your convenience!)

Download the monthly Connecting Kit full of resources that include personal worksheets, inspirational memes, sharing questions, and more

Stay accountable to your friendship goals by choosing and sharing a new Courageous Practice to do every month

Access expert advice on our monthly Live Friendship Q/A Advice Call with Shasta

Feel supported by our virtual community of women ready to encourage you, share their advice and tips with you, cheer for your successes, and resonate with your fears

Go deeper by joining one of our virtual circles for sharing the highs-and-lows of friendship making with people like you (i.e. Child-free Friendships, Chronic Pain & Illness, Moms Need Playdates, Entrepreneurs)

Attend or host a local event in your area to help bring women together face-to-face